Daniel Afonso


Global SVP People and Culture – RADISSON HOTEL GROUP


Experienced Vice President of Human Resources and Talent Management with a strong track record across the HR function globally.

As VP of HR and VP of Talent I have lead organisational and cultural transformations, achieving high engagement rates and upgrading the talent and talent practices at all levels. Serving as Director of HR and Director of Talent I have consistently created and rolled out innovative HR and talent programmes. I have hired and nurtured strong international HR teams.

Working at different levels and positions I have consistently partnered with Senior Leaders driving alignment and leadership development across the organisations I have worked in.


May 15, 2024 10:50 AM

Insights and Lessons from a Global HR Transformation

Radisson Hotel Group is one of the leading hotel companies in the world. With circa 70,000 team members and a footprint in 100 countries it embarked on a significant HR transformation to provide a differentiated value proposition to guests, employees and investors. This session will explore the decisions made and the changes implemented, and provide insights and learnings from the effort.

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May 14, 2024 02:35 PM

Panel Discussion: Change Leaders: People Managers Shaping Organizational Transformation

Join a dynamic panel discussion delving into the transformative influence of high-potential people managers as they assume leadership in guiding organizational change. Explore the strategies and insights employed by these change leaders to drive impactful outcomes, skillfully navigating the complexities of organizational evolution as architects of change, steering organizations towards lasting success

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